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This challenge is perfect for you if you are...

  • The Parent of a Teen or Pre-Teen
  • Open to More Ways to Connect
  • Wish to Improve Connection With Your Teen
  • Love To Do Fun Things With Your Teen
  • Always Looking To Do More Together
  • Busy Parent Willing to Invest 5 Minutes

    All It Takes is 5 Minutes a Day!

    What We’ll Cover:

    Day 1:  Discover Your Teen’s Love Language? Expressing your love in the right LOVE LANGUAGE is key. Failing to do so, could actually sabotage your relationship with your teen. You’ll get the tool in our group to identify what that is. 

    Day 2: What are you saying? Listening is essential. This fun challenge will really get you to focus.

    Day 3: Cook It Up! They say the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach and trust me, most teens love to eat!

    Day 4: Health & Fitness! What’s a challenge without fun. Promote and model the importance of good health.

    Day 5: Be a Tourist.  Is there a place in your city you haven’t visited? Plan your field-trip and make it happen.

    What's In It For Me?

    Join purpose driven parents, grandparents and other care-takers for five 5 days of fun challenges!  Each day, you’ll receive in your in-box  a new way to connect with your teen. By day 5, you’ll have a deeper understanding about what makes the relationship so unique and you’ll have more tools to strengthen the bond. You will also be invited to be a part of our exclusive FB page, where you will be encouraged to share your special moments together. 



    Look what at what some parents have shared so far about their challenge experience. 
    I liked the simplicity of the challenges. I liked that you told us we could do that in 5 min and that respects our time and our kids time. I love the love languages topic!
    What I most about this challenge was it brought parent and child together in a fun and exciting way with laughter, which is the most medicine for all. Thank you for coming up with some great ideas. I look forward for more to come.

    I Loved the quality time spent with my teen.👍 Felt like we reconnected. Since life is sooo demanding and time is very challenging. I feel like these challenges were fun and very helpful!! Loved it and so did my teen.


    We respect your email privacy