What is a Parenteen Partner?

A Parenteen Partner is someone who is passionate about helping others, especially teens and people who influence teens. A ParenTeen Partner is a mentor trained and certified to work with young-adults, parents and I the community. If are you ready to join a fast growing industry and ready to add the joy of serving others in your life? Then consider this your chance to pursue your passion while combining  the ability to earn and have fun doing what you love.  Our program makes this possible.

Parents become busier every day and unfortunately our teens are exposed to more risk that far too much to ignore. Life needs to be fun and we get to bring joy back, while teaching, inspiring good values and awesome skills. The goal as a ParenTeen Partner is to promote and strengthen the parent and teen connection, through stress-free Parenteen Moments workshops and events.

We are here to make a huge difference in the world, and it’s never too late to step up to do it. Become a Certified ParenTeen Partner and Certified Professional Speaker. Make a significant difference in the lives of many.

Laying the Foundation

Mery Dominguez is the original ParenTeen Partner and founder of Parenteen Moments. Her vision is to enrich and transform the lives of parents and teens worldwide while bridging the gaps between families, organizations and the community.

Have you experienced the feeling of helplessness and the thought that no one really cares? Well, Mery was faced with this challenge as a teenager. This is the same belief shared by hundreds of teenagers with whom she has worked with throughout the past two decades.

Everyone has gifts and a purpose. It has become Mery’s mission to ensure that every teen feels that they matter to someone, especially their parents.  This is a global mission that will take other ParenTeen Partners to accomplish.

Work with a Parenteen Partner

ELIMINATE STRESS. We want to inspire you to remain part of our community. Every event is different and catered to you. No need to plan and wait for approval. We serve as your partner to make every detail into consideration.

TIME IS PRECIOUS. We pick our venues and products with YOU in mind. We conduct ample research and choose the best places based on what parents and teens want.

SEE RESULTS. We are in the business of making connections with confidence and ensuring that you feel safe and happy. We address REAL issues and provoke positive changes.

Become a Parenteen Partner

Be part of a nine-module program with distinct components:

  • Have access to online courses you can access anytime from anywhere in the world
  • Receive monthly group coaching calls where you can ask MERY questions
  • Have once a month, one-on-one 45 minute strategy phone conversation with Mery
  • Receive ongoing support via our online mastermind
  • Be provided with a curriculum guide to present at your monthly events
  • Receive guidance on how host your own events and monetize, while saving parents money and time