Connecting Parents with your Organization

“Mom there’s a meeting at school tonight!”
Not another boring meeting!

Parental involvement is at an all-time lowest. If we’re lucky, parents will find out about the meeting but will they even show up? Let’s face it, parents ARE busy. Some work  more than one job to make ends meet or long hours to meet their business’ demands. Although, technology makes it easy to keep up with grades, test scores and parent-teacher emails, there is something magical about the physical connection. I’m not encouraging “drone-like or helicopter parenting” but instead simple ways to staying present. 

Research shows that when parents are positively involved with their child’s education and appreciative for what the school/organizations do, the student is more-likely improve and maintain high performance and focus. Collaboration is key. But what could keep them coming?

Statistics show that 6 out of 10 parents will show up if there is a clear agenda that benefits them too. Trust me, they love their kids but why show up if they can just get another recorded message at 7:00 PM? Change it up, but leave it to us!

If you are interested in enhancing parental involvement at your school or organization, we can help. Need to meet Title I, II or 21st Century Grants? We can assist in keeping you in compliance and exceed expectations. We offer dynamic presentations and training led by our experts regarding relevant topics that address today’s pressing issues. Our talks can be tailored to meet the needs of your parent-group or focus demographics.

    • Confidence Building: Loving Yourself First
    • Setting Loving Boundaries
    • Parenting beyond Punishment
    • Financial Literacy
    • Altering Defiance
    • Storytelling as a Parenting Tool
    • Positive Self Talk
    • Coping with divorce
    • Health and Wellness
    • Helping Your Kids Preparing For College
    • Talking to Your Teen Uneasy Subjects

      • Other topics are available upon request.

We will gladly meet with you to discuss your school goals and provide you with a simple Survey that will allow us  find out what topic interest your parents the most. 

Connecting your Faculty and Staff. We help school administrators and community leaders create an inspired force and bring about their best year yet!

Let’s combine learning and fun! Boost faculty morale. Our seminars and workshops for schools, youth programs and parent groups are phenomenal. Many teachers and youth leaders complain about being tired, overwhelmed, unappreciated and overworked. I provide proven team-building activities and training that align to their true talents. Through simple new tricks you can expect your staff to be motivated and ready to motivate the students. By teaching professionals to connect with each other, their students will too achieve the positive results we all want.

Are you a school administrator or director of an organization? Let’s make this your best year yet!

We know that happy employees create a safe and productive environment. Sometimes, performance at work suffers when there is too much pressure at home. ParenTeen Moments helps bridge this gap using interactive training, lead by our ParenTeen Partners that are designed to work well for a professional development day workshop. They range from 1 hour to whole day workshops.

Want to increase motivation and productivity?

Our talks and training can easily also be adapted for a youth audience. Whether it’s a group of anxious test-preparing students, doubtful youth group or fearing team of players let us add to YOU making a greater impact. Click Here to Learn More