Connecting and Inspiring Change

As a keynote speaker or workshop leader, Mery educates and offers inspiration through her personal story, as well as her experience of over two decades in educational system.

Mery N. Dominguez is a professional educator, as well as an expert in Connection Coaching and Personal Motivation. She will knock your socks off through her dynamic delivery which infuses the vibrancy of her Colombian roots, her humor and real-life situations to flair to all types of stages. She inspires and motivations with actionable tips, creative tools and practical ideas when it comes to seeking purpose and attaining goals with confidence. Mery pairs her experience as a high-school teacher with her leadership and parenting skills to engage and connect with her audiences.

Schooling is important and mentors are absolutely necessary.

Mery will gladly work with you to customize the program for your audience. Most programs are available as opening or closing keynotes, conference breakout sessions, or interactive workshops. Click here to learn More.